• Loved it last year! Can’t wait to come again this year! (: ~Martina J.
  • If you are looking for a lot of fun and entertainment come out to the vander haunted trail. It’s a scary trail with houses and mazes along the way. It takes about thirty minutes to get through so its well worth the money. ~Jerry J.
  • Had a wonderful time @ Vander haunted trail! I will be going back every year now!~ Cynthia M.
  • Awesomely Haunting! Love it! Everyone should check this out! You will not be disappointed! ~ Nicole D.
  • Love it!! Go for a scare!! I’m definitely goin every year now!!! ~Tonda M.
  • Had a great time tonight! You know it was a scary night when you leave with a crying 10 yr old!! Lol. Great job guys!! ~Jeri W.
  • So much better than any other haunted houses around! ;) effects aren’t always what you need for scares! Just don’t wear cowboy boots or heels! :) had a blast! Won’t be the last time I come this year! ~ Susie M.
Our Location! 123 Joy Drive Fayetteville NC!

We're are open tonight and ready to scare the mess out of you!! The trail is in perfect shape luckily our path is sand and don't hold water.We will be open from 8 to 12 come get your scare on!!!! ...

Looks like we will be able to be open Saturday night I think the rain we be gone long enough, but stay tuned for updates! ...

Due to weather we're going to be closed tonight! We're keeping our eye on the rain so hopefully we can be open tomorrow night! We will decide tomorrow around 12 if we will be open tomorrow night and the same with Sunday night. We're playing it all day by day! ...

30% Bigger!
11 Total Attractions!
Affordable for everyone!
100% Excited to scare!
Much more frightening than the year before!
100% of the people will get value out of Vander!
The ultimate haunted trail Journey!
Frightening themed indoor and outdoor areas!
100% of Shirts are available for purchase!

Kids Candywalk

We will be having our annual Kid’s Candywalk event on Sunday, Oct. 25th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Please bring something to put your candy in, as the children will be traveling through a large portion of our trail and will be walking out with more than a handful! And be there early, so there’s more time to enjoy the bounce houses, candy, and other refreshments! And remember, it’s free!

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The Vander Haunted Trail, its owner(s), management, volunteer(s), employee(s), and land owner(s), hereafter collectively known as The Vander Haunted Trail are not liable or responsible for any accidents, that may occur while at The Vander Haunted Trail. Please enter at your own risk. The Vander Haunted Trail is a wooded trail, please take your time and watch your step.


Please notify ticket sales AND door person if you risk epileptic seizure!

The most haunted trail in Fayetteville NC!